Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Dasia Fern!

Here is our new little one! Dasia (rhymes with Tayzia) was born in June and weighed 7 lbs 3 oz, she was 19 inches long. So far she is has been our heaviest,and shortest!!
Here are a few pictures

Kyla and Naomi both adore her, it was so sweet to see their reactions when they first met her in the hospital. Kyla kept whispering, "Dasia, wake up" over and over, and then kissing her. Naomi wasn't so sure that she wanted me to hold the new baby...but she still just loved on her! They are so sweet with her, and Kyla loves to be my little helper.

Dasia is such a littlesnuggle bug, she melts us!

And since I am so late blogging, here is a more recent picture of her!

And PS I learned that I NEVER want to have to use Pitocin again! This was by far the hardest delivery yet...even though it was the quickest.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Random updates

Well, it has been a LONG TIME since I have blogged...my excuse? No way to put my pictures on our computer...and Adam has had the computer a school...but now Ad is out for the Summer, and he put his pictures on here from his phone...so I guess SOMETHING is better than NOTHING! Are you ready for completely random updates? Here goes!
Kyla Dee is getting so big, she talks and jabbers and tells us stories all the time. She is such a fun little two year old, and is always making us smile and laugh!

Little Mimi had a makeover, in case you can't tell. She kept ripping out chunks of her hair and eating it... so we shaved her head! Poor little tyke, she wasn't very happy with us! She is such a funny little girl, definitely got her Daddy's sense of humor!

And she loves to lay on my big tummy. We are expecting our third little girl in one month! We are excited to meet her...Kyla is especially! She talks all the time about how she will get to hold "Dasia-baby" and will rock her and put blankets on her. She will be such a sweet big sister! We are working with Naomi on the whole concept of being soft...

Last week we went on a little family vacation down to St. George and had a lot of fun together, but we don't have the pictures from that one yet! The only bummer was that I was super sick and miserable the whole time. Adam took good care of me and the girls, and it made me appreciate him even more! What a sweet man!

Here are a few more random pictures. I sure love this family of mine!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Naming Game and Halloween

Kyla bought a little stick horse at the dollar store with her birthday money. When we got it home, she played with it for the longest time, she just LOVED it. I asked her, "Ky, what is your horsey's name?" and she said, "horsey." I tried again. I said "What is your name?"
-"Kyla Dee Allen"
-"Good, what is my name?"
-"Right. Now what is your horsey's name going to be?"
She thought for a few seconds and then said with a huge smile, "Horsey Dee Allen!"
I love this girl and her sense of humor. She always cracks me up.

For Halloween Kyla was a lion and Mimi was a Tiger. We love our cute little felines! Kyla LOVED Halloween...she is still talking about it and asking for more trick-or-treating. We went to just a couple of houses on Halloween, and she loved it. We had a fun time seeing Adam's familia and we had a little birthday party for him before our Halloween festivities. Dan and Nicole's costumes were AWESOME! I wish that I had a picture to post, but I forgot to bring my camera that night. They were off of Xmen, and Nicole looked GREAT with red hair! :-) Maybe I will get someone to email a picture to me sometime soon!
We went to Deb and Matt's house and got to see Matt and Maddie, and then we went over to the Beckett's and got to see them too! It was such a fun night...even though Nate's white face terrified Kyla, and she thought that Seth was Nate because of his Harry Potter hair! :-) Here are a few pictures of the girls before we left. Hope that you all had a fun Halloween!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well it has been a LONG time since I have blogged...and so much has happened! I keep waiting until I get good pictures of everything...but that just may not happen so I will blog and just put whatever pictures I can on here!
Adam had ankle surgery and is finally healing up, he had to be on crutches for almost 2 months and a boot for another month...
Mimi has a helmet that she has to wear night and day to help her little noggin grow more correctly...we hope that she is almost done with it...we will find out next week.

Kyla is talking like crazy, and sings so cutely! I wish that I knew how to put videos on here...I would put one of her singing the "pempol" song (I love to see the Temple)
I am going back to school online! It feels so good to be studying and learning. I am studying Nutrition, and I am loving it! Adam is so sweet to make it possible for me to do that.
Kyla is turning TWO tomorrow, and we really just can't believe how quickly time is flying by...

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kyla and Mimi funnies...

We are in Winnemucca visitting the family for the weekend. Uncle Jacob loves to tease Kyla, and one thing that he does is count down "three, two, one" and then pounce on her and kiss or tickle her. She pretends that she doesn't like it, but she LOVES it. Now if there is a quiet moment, Kyla looks demurely at Jakie and says in a sing song flirty voice, "Twooo..." and then giggles like crazy, waiting for him to GET her!

Earlier today I was making Kyla a sandwhich, and Naomi was in her walker. Kyla was holding the closed loaf of bread for me, and Naomi ran up and grabbed it from her because she was hungry. They started a tug of war until I took it away. Then I handed Kyla her sandwhich, and Naomi saw it...I have never seen a two year old run away from a 7 month old so quickly! Naomi chased her around trying to grab that sandwhich, and Kyla kept yelling, "NO, MI MI! Mine whitch!!" It was adorable!

The other night I sang a song to Kyla for bedtime and she sang with me for all 4 verses, and then as soon as it was over, she said, "bye bye Mommy!" and blew me a kiss. So I went and laid Naomi down in her crib (they share a room). She started to cry and I left and closed the door. But I stayed and listened to see what they would do. Kyla started singing to Naomi and she stopped crying! Ky Ky sang her to sleep! It was such a tender moment...I wanted to run in and give them both smooches, but figured that would probably ruin the moment a bit.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kyla is funny

Adam was helping Kyla pray last night....
Adam: say, "please help us,"
Kyla: "hep us"
Adam: "To brush our teeth"
Kyla: "Teeff"
Adam: "Nicely"
Kyla: "...mean" giggle giggle giggle

She is such a silly little thing...we love her sense of humor...except then she really DID brush her teeth mean....tried to bite me the whole time!